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NORDERSTEDT, City Park, 04.08.2013

Laughing Wind

An intercultural encounter during the parade LAUGHING WIND
in the city park NORDERSTEDT on 04.08.2013 ...
... had Soogi, Korean player:

"What are you doing? What are you doing here!"
shouted someone in german words behind me while I led the figure ANNEMONE.
I stopped, turned around and saw a tall man, mid thirties shirtless who asked me again, "What are you doing here?"
"We play," I answered him.
"What are you playing here?" He asked.
"We play with silk wind figures and the wind. Can´t you see?"
He seemed slightly shocked as he said, "Stop, please, we are here in a Christian country, we do, we do NOT Demon Summoning. This is not what you do here!"
I understood his words, stood bewildered beside him, tried playing with the Annemone not to lose completely.
"Go away from here," he said in a sharper tone and trying to remain friendly.
"Ah, my teammates - I must follow them," I said goodbye to him.
He called after me, "May I pray for you?"