2nd June - 13th June, 2014 


Storytelling in elementary school.
Two storytelling workshops from 2nd June - 13th June, 2014
with pupils of Paul Klee primary school in Berlin-Tempelhof.

is a narrative?
What requires story-telling?
How to tell a story?
What is the situation of narrator and listener?

The goal was to lead the Disciple to develop and tell in a authentic and creative way, in small groups, imaginative stories. Children learn the playful and conscious use of language and speech.
They gain self-confidence and authenticity. A public performance of both classes at the end of two weeks took place in the school on Friday, 13.06.2014.

Sitting in a circle, relating to each other, to dare to speak in front of others, to express themselves, dealing with language and speech, listening to others:
fundamental-to-learn elements of human behavior. It was important that the disciple did not find the text from a sheet but by only LISTENING. So I start by telling a brief story and hereafter guide the disciple to remember together the motives, elements, the language and the progress of the story, in their own words (or the words of the story) to repeat and to assemble, to develop their own ideas and fantasies, and bring them into language and speech.
Creative inventive communication, shared remembering, LISTENING, finding words and propositions ... were
no easy task for disciples of 1st/2nd class.