.Quest. _ Grafic Dance Theatre


Departure into the land of reality

A journey in pictures - behind the pictures


Graphic Dance Theater Scenes :

_ where are we going ?

_ what are we looking for ?

_ what drives us?


GRAFIC DANCE THEATRE is theater of images.
GRAFIC DANCE THEATRE is choreo-grafic theater.
GRAFIC DANCE THEATRE is presence of gesture, object and space.
.QUEST. GRAFIC DANCE THEATR :  is sceno-choreo-graphic-dance theater:
Scene - Parade - Walk Act - Choreography - Installation - Meditation,
playable in a variety of places and spaces for different occasions:
scenic and visual etudes: scenic art in public spheres. 

The actor seems to disappear in favor of the optical-plastic in this theater.
The opposite is the case: it is the performer who creates a field of tension 

Movement / Acting / Figure / Text / Object / Costume / Space / Music und Silence.

GRAFIC DANCE THEATRE rips holes, builds islands of perception in everyday urban life.

with its various complex 
relationships between light, space, surface, shape, motion, sound, man - 
László Moholy-Nagy, Das kommende Theater: Theater der Totalität, 1924