No expression. Express No

The text of the body  -  the body of the text

The exploration of the body-passion-mind of the actor combines text and physical theater in expressing man in crisis. (Text : Peter Handke  Offendig the public)




No expression : the Act of neutral Being

In sound & movement improvisations as well as through scenic improvisations the neutral actor will be discovered. We question the Act of Neutral Being in performative contexts, a neutral presence of heightened attentiveness in the Here and Now.
The developement of profound selfawareness and a state of radical perceptiveness enfolds a physio-energetic-intellectual centeredness. The Zero Point of expression transforms into the source of expression.
"Neutral is an impossible desire which brings light and humour to our habits and hiding places." Jacques Lecoq


Express NO ! 
The actor / performer lives in the "No", in the Contra. His total psycho-physio-energetic presence is questioning for the "Yes" within the "No", is looking and asking for his ways of being connected with the world and the others. He is creating himself by asking "Where am I ? - How am I ? - Who am I ?"
He develops a radical body-mind of openess, devotion and reflection. We are going to play figures/characters of resistance and of refusal, figures of vulnerability and risk, characters in crisis, figures in exile.
Words, gestures, sounds and voices, images, objects and the space are equivalent partners of the actors research for the Act of Being, which means to be at the same moment in contact with his own creativity and with the partner as well with the public.

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