by Aristophanes
Direction + Text: Dietmar Lenz

Fotos: Daniela Incoronato 


... this ancient Greek comedy from the year 411 v. Chr .

... is frivolous comedy and anti-war piece in one.
Smart and cocky calls the main character Lysistrata the women to a conspiracy
against the war driving men. If to force men to peace, simply refuse sex, is the women's strategy.
We will perform this thesis as if it were a play of today.

Five months have 9 long-term unemployed theater lay in Eberswalde (near Berlin) worked with a drama teacher/director four days a week practicing theater work.
Here 8 of them play along with a Mexican actress.

Premiere:          14.11.2014, 20:00 Uhr
2. Aufführung:  15.11.2014, 20:00 Uhr
Bahnhofstrasse 32
16227 Eberswalde-Finow